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Royalstar Newl Design BBQ Grill

2022-09-21 04:09:29

Royalstar multi-functional electric grill is heated evenly, with little oil fume and high thermal efficiency. The ingredients in the heating area of the panel can be cooked in a few minutes. Compared with the traditional electric grill, this newly version can save a lot of time and electricity! All kinds of meat skewers can be grilled in the hand to be tender, delicious and juicy without the need for superb cooking and barbecue skills.


Multi-function pot with practical double oven is a particularly powerful induction cooker with dual ovens independent of each other, with a large baking pan! A multi-purpose pot with multiple functions, it is a smooth pan when grilling meat and skewers. Removing the plate, it is the induction cooker, which can be matched with two different pots, and two different dishes can be cooked at the same time. With a deep pot on the induction cooker, it turns into an electric hot pot. The function of microcomputer touch and knob menu selection is simply and intelligently operated.



It is less oil fume, and there is a silent fan for smoking with very little residual smell. When you wipe it with a wet towel, the oil and residue are wiped clean.


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